My calendar

This screen is designed to give you a quick view your forthcoming appointments for the next 45 days:


Your calendar is shown in listing format, that is quick to generate on any smart phone. The list of appointments can be easily scrolled through with a swipe of your finger. The view shows:

  • Appointments grouped per day,  showing times and location
  • Case reference (if relevant) and times

Quick case links provide single click access if more information is required.


Creating a new calendar appointment is just as easy. Simply click on the ‘New’ button at the top right of the screen.



A toolbar is provided at the bottom of the screen giving access to the main features of Progress Mobile.

A calendar yearly view is also available from the toolbar, providing individual appointments for each month:


This also provides a special option to view a combined calendar view for the month, showing activity of all the mediators on each day in list format.

Case management at your finger tips